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Now Accepting Applications for Cohort #2!

Important Cohort #2 Program Updates: Membership packages will continue to offer world-class, professional accelerator services; it will not include office or workstation space due to building construction.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley

University of California, Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus

SVLink supports the launch of UCSC and other UC-affiliated startup companies that have a need to be located in the Silicon Valley. The incubator–accelerator program is offered by UCSC with partial funding from the State of California Assembly Bill (AB) 2664, which is designed to expand economic development in California by supporting UC innovation and entrepreneurship.

SVLink offers office/work space as well as a professional accelerator training program to member startup companies affiliated with UCSC or other UC campuses. 

Membership dues include rent for leased space and associated services as well as an accelerator program fee. UCSC and other UC-affiliated startup companies pay for SVLink services by way of a convertible promissory note. 

UCSC does not offer cash investments to member companies and will therefore not require equity in them*. 


*Except for the case of a promissory note; UCSC will have the option to convert the principal amount of the note into equity.

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SVLink program terms and conditions, including but not limited to eligibility criteria and offerings, are subject to change without notice.

 UCSC-SVC Buildiing  UCSC-SVC Lobby

 UC Santa Cruz - Silicon Valley Campus | 3175 Bowers Avenue | Santa Clara CA 95054