On-Boarding & Access

Once all documents and agreements have been signed and excecuted, SVLink Member Companies and their employees can begin to make use of the SVLink space and associated ameneities. 

Cruz ID & Physical Access (Badge/keycard and Brass Keys)

Physical access to the UCSC Silicon Valley Campus and the SVLink office and work space is controlled by keycard/badge access. To request a keycard/badge or a brass key (for those renting private office space), you must have a CruzID which is requested by the SVLink Program Coordinator*. In addition to providing a ucsc.edu email address, the CruzID also allows access to the "eduroam" secure wireless network and other systems. The Program Coordinator will notify you via your company email that a CruzID has been requested and that you will receive a notice in your company email inbox from UCSC ITS notifying you about your account and that you must activate it within 72 hours.

Once your CruzID has been activated, the SVLink Program Coordinator* will request your badge and brass key through the UCSC key request system. You will need to accept the badge and key terms and conditions that will be sent to your ucsc.edu email address.

*Note: you may request badge or key access on your own, but you will need to have a CruzID and enter ""3175 Bowers Santa Clara,,Badge SVLink Access,2250 in the "Key 1" field. Enter "12345" in the badge number field.

Once terms and conditions for access have been accepted, and an acceptable photo provided (see below) a badge can be printed and issued.

Badge Photo

Example of proper photo format for badgesEach individual requesting badge access must supply a photo of themselves taken from head-on in front of a blank white/pale wall from their elbows to the top of the head (see example photo). It needs to be of decent quality (e.g., license or passport) and must fit the described format. Not providing the photo in the required format will cause delay in issuing badges and providing access. The photo can be emailed to the Program Coordinator.

Building Tour

Please email the Silicon Valley Campus Operations Manager to schedule a brief (15-minute) onboarding building tour.

Eduroam Wireless Network

The secure "eduroam" wireless network can be accessed by all SVLink members who have activated their CruzID credentials. You will need to know your CruzID, your CruzBlue password (same as email), and have administrator access to your device(s).

Device-specific instructions for setting up and connecting to eduroam can be found here: How to Configure Eduroam on Your Device.

Printer & Scanner

A shared printer and scanner for SVLink members is located in Room 3332. Once you have connected to the eduroam network, you can add this printer to your printer list by using the IP address noted on the printer.

Conference Room Scheduling

The SVLink dedicated conference room (Room 3008) has seating for 6, a whiteboard, as well as phone and video conferencing capabilities. Members can schedule meetings directly via the Google calendar for the room that is sent to their ucsc.edu email once their badge has been issued. 

Please only schedule the room for your actual meeting times, be mindful of starting and ending meetings promptly, and remove any reservations you have made if meetings are cancelled so that all member companies can make use of the room. 

Building Issues

Should a building issue arise (locked out of office, etc.), please request support by emailing the Operations Manager or checking in with the receptionist.