Now Accepting Applications for Cohort #2!

Important Cohort #2 Program Updates: Membership packages will continue to offer world-class, professional accelerator services; it will not include office or workstation space due to building construction.


SVLink offers office/work space as well as a professional accelerator training program to member startup companies affiliated with UCSC or other UC campuses. 

  • 4,700 sq.ft. Office space for up to 27 start-up companies for one year at a time
    Internet connectivity, office management & IT support, schedulable conference rooms with teleconferencing capability, parking
  • Accelerator Services through U First Capital, the Official Accelerator Service Provider for UCSC's SVLink accelerator program. Services include business support, entrepreneurial education, training, mentorship and funding opportunities. The accelerator’s entrepreneurial training and support package is designed to help startup companies build out business plans and connect them with investor groups and potential business partners. 
    • U First Capital is a Silicon-Valley based venture capital firm that provides venture capital as a service to leading corporations and universities. It is a structured platform that brings together top corporations, venture capitalists, startups and universities globally for innovation and entrepreneurship. U First Capital leverages an advisory board consisting of several top executives from Fortune 500 corporations, venture capital firms, and university advisors from top schools in US and Asia. U First Capital is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. 

 SVLink Accelerator Package – one year program

  • Monthly 1x1 mentor session with U First Capital on building company strategy, go-to-market strategy, fundraising, pitch deck development, merger and acquisition strategy, etc.
  • Monthly 1x1 mentoring sessions with domain experts and company founders
  • Monthly speaker series featuring investors, startup founders and corporate executives
  • Day-long funding course from a venture capitalist or founder on how to raise funding
  • Monthly community networking event to meet peer SVLink members and share learnings
  • Guidance on recruiting talent, team building and marketing the company
  • Introduction to 2 industry executives as potential corporate partners or customers
  • Introductions to a minimum of 5 (minimum) potential angel investors for pre-seed fundraising and to 5 institutional venture firms for Series A fundraising
  • Annual pitch opportunity featuring investors and executives

Floorspace Plan


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